🚀 Go Really Deep in Learning Solidity & Web3

Join devs from around the 🌍 on a demanding, challenging, & rewarding journey to get really good at Solidity and Web3. Then break into a new, fun, and lucrative industry. Make new frens along the way, join the DAO, and start building the future of the web 😮

💸 Current Avg. Graduate Comp: $201k Salary + Tokens / Equity

🌎 6-Weeks | Part-Time | Sync & Async w/ other Experienced Devs 🥳

Apply Here | Next Cohorts: Nov 8th(full) Jan 3 Feb 21 Apr 11

  • FAQs
  • 🙂 What makes a great applicant to HackerDAO?
    • 4+ years of development experience (more backend is preferred, some front end experience is useful). Some exceptions are made for devs with less programming experience.
    • Excited and capable of independently learning a new programming language (Solidity). We don't actually teach a lot of Solidity other than the intricacies, we expect you to learn most of it yourself.
    • Excited to learn how to write secure smart contracts
    • Has at least 20 hours/week available to dedicate to the course
    • Can attend all lectures (9:00am to 10:30am Pacific time, Monday, Wednesday Friday)
    • Can attend some office hours (Tuesday / Thursday scattered through Pacific time)
    • Great collaboration and teaching/mentoring skills (async & written via Discord and sync & verbal via Zoom)
    🔐 What is admissions process like?
    • 0️⃣ First Submit an Application
    • 1️⃣ 30 Minute Initial Interview
      • Q&A both ways for you to learn more and for us to learn more about your goals, interest, journey into Crypto / Web3
    • 2️⃣ 45 Minute Technical Interview
      • Discuss your previous dev experience (doesn't need to be Web3)
    • 3️⃣ (Optional) Technical Project
    • 4️⃣ Decision
    💡 What will you learn?

    FYI our topics are updated every week. Web3 moves fast ⚡ You may learn stuff not on this list, or may not learn something on this list by the time you enroll.

    Learn by Doing

    • You'll learn all of the below mostly through projects, and some through live lectures.

    Smart Contract Security Engineering

    • Understanding known security attacks
    • Code analysis tools
    • Reducing code complexity
    • Understanding the EVM in depth
    • Keeping up to date on EIPs

    Designing with Blockchain Constraints

    • Data structures & visibility
    • Oracles
    • Weaknesses of the platform
    • Mitigating front running vulnerabilities
    • Time-based business logic
    • Compiling & optimizing code for L2 chains

    Blockchain Software Engineering

    • Deploying your code to testnet & mainnet
    • Smart contract design patterns
    • Confirming to ERC standards
    • Interacting with other existing contracts
    • Storage Slots and gas optimization
    • Writing tests for Solidity
    • Determining whether data can/should be on chain or off chain

    Web3 in the Browser

    • Ethereum provider APIs
    • Compiling your code and generating ABIs
    • Building a browser frontend to a smart contract backend
      • Reading contract data
      • Connecting to a user's wallet
      • Signing transactions
    🎗️ What is the Tuition?

    All tuition & DAO membership contributions go to the shared DAO treasury.

    Choose one of three options:

    1️⃣ (Free) Accept an offer after the course from a company "in-network" (30+ and counting)
    • 0.5 ETH deposit (refunded upon job acceptance)
    • Contribute $0 in tuition 🎉
    • Contribute 2 ETH to become a DAO member as an alumnus
    • See a list of the "in-network" employers here.
    2️⃣ (Paid) Accept an offer after the course from a company "out-of-network"
    • 0.5 ETH deposit (refunded upon job acceptance)
    • Contribute 10% of your 1st year's starting salary after you get a job as tuition.
      • FYI We expect your total compensation to be in the $250k/yr range, depending on your programming experience. We expect the salary portion of your compensation to be at least $150k/yr. If you're well above that already, we still expect you to substantially increase your total comp.
    • Contribute 2 ETH to become a DAO member as an alumnus
    • 3️⃣ (Paid) Contribute 4 ETH for Jan 3 Cohort, up front & become a DAO member as an alumnus.
    ♻️ So how does the DAO work?
    • All Tuition goes into the DAO treasury. Tokenholders (like Core Contributors & Alumni) vote to control how capital is reinvested from the treasury.
    • As such, when you earn HackerDAO's token, you get exposure to the upside of the DAO as well as any projects the DAO creates, funds, or incubates 👀
    • You can earn tokens by contributing to the DAO via bounties, as a core contributor, or buying a DAO membership in ETH after graduation.
    • You cannot acquire tokens at this time. We will build this ability in the future as we progressively decentralize.
    • Imagine being an early tokenholder of Stanford. Imagine being an early tokenholder of Y Combinator. Put the two together, and that's what we hope joining HackerDAO will represent.
    📈 Do you help engineers get jobs?
    • Yep.
    • Ultimately it's on you to find a job. However, the DAO has direct relationships with Web3 companies and we will make direct introductions to CEOs and CTOs of various protocols and companies.
    • We help you figure out where to work based on your interests.
    • We also help you conduct a proper job search on your own.
    • We help you refine your narrative as a Web3 engineer, clean up your GitHub, update your resume, LinkedIn, etc.
    🎉 What's the benefit of being an Alumni and entering the DAO?
    • Become a tokenholder and get upside in the growth of HackerDAO
    • Meet other strong web3 engineers who could be your cofounders or coworkers
    • Get funding from the DAO treasury for building a web3 project / company.
    • Meet investors keen on funding your idea / project on Demo Day
    • Get gas fees reimbursed by the DAO for deploying personal projects to mainnet
    • Get job opportunities from other Alumni looking to hire for the company or project
    • Get ongoing education for alumni by alumni (Speaker series, podcasts)
    • Earn tokens by contributing to the DAO (run Hackathons, Demo days, Speaker Series, Podcasts, etc.)
    • Earn tokens for referring other great engineers to take the course and join the DAO.
Not Ready Yet? Get Your Feet Wet First

🧐 Not Ready Yet? Get Your Feet Wet

Learn wtf all the "Web3, Crypto, Blockchain" hype is all about (spoiler alert: the hype is real).

Both free workshops are for experienced devs with 2+ years of programming experience.

🛠️ "Learn Crypto by Doing" 1 Hour Every Tuesday @5pm PST Basic

👻 Complete this and get an NFT that unlocks 🔓 access to a secret discord channel

Sign Up Here | Next Session: Nov 23rd

🎨 "Tiger Punk NFT Project" 5 Async Hours Kickoff Tuesdays @5pm PST Intermediate

Sign Up Here | Next Session: Coming Soon!

If you've already written some Solidity and/or deployed a contract, skip to the next section.

More Info:

😍 Hire great Web3 engineers from HackerDAO

😍 Hire Great Web3 Engineers from HackerDAO

🧠 4-10+ years of programming experience

🛠️ Have written & audited NFT, Liquidity Pool, DAO, ICO contracts & more

Register Here & join the likes of the following companies recruiting from HackerDAO

The Graph, Edge & Node, OpenSea, Synthetix, Gitcoin, Terra, Showtime, Goldfinch, Chainlink Labs, Genie, Metadrop, Highlight, Alongside Finance, Sophos, XMTP, Snowball, Structure, World Coin, Matter Labs, JennyDAO, Badger Finance, NFTLabs, Stardust, Li.finance, Nahmii, Apeworx, Aztec, Sense Finance, Strips Finance, Opyn, Quantstamp, Nifty Island, Sherlock (and more)

♻️ Upskill your Existing Web2 Team on Web3

♻️ Turn Your Web2 Devs into Web3 Devs

🚢 Reliably transition Web2 devs into Web3 devs capable of shipping code to mainnet.

⚡ Save 💵 and ⏰ compared to finding, recruiting, hiring, and training new talent

🌎 6 Weeks, Part-Time, Live Online

Register Here and speak to our team

💯 Who's HackerDAO backed by?

💯 You're in Good Company:

HackerDAO is backed by some of the best founders, operators, and investors in Web3.

Coinbase, Edge & Node (The Graph), Xoogler Ventures, Floodgate

Cooper, Sahil, Linda Xie, Anthony, Packy, Ryan Sean Adams (Bankless), Tegan, Haseeb, Reuben, Nat, Matt, Ann, Pomp, Richard Ma (Quantstamp) Soona, Dan, Dan (Nascent), Meltem, Dudas, Jess, Julia, Patrick, Mariano, Lisa, Michael, Furqan, Nader, Aditi, , Alex, Jen, and 70+ more founders / operators in crypto.

🚀 What is the DAO part of HackerDAO?

What is the DAO part of HackerDAO?

HackerDAO is a community of engineers who operate a community owned school. We:

  1. ♻️ Turn world class Senior Web2 devs into Web3 devs
  2. 🤝 Connect alumni to Web3 protocols, DAOs, and projects
  3. 🚀 Incubate & invest in projects that push the Web3 ecosystem forward

Revenue from all operations flow to the DAO treasury, and the treasury redeploys capital to operate the school & incubate Web3 projects.

We plan to issue a governance token that provides contributors, alumni, employers, and investors in the community with exposure to the school and all the projects the school incubates.

Today, we are intentionally operating the DAO in a very centralized yet transparent fashion in order to get the school and surrounding incubation infrastructure off the ground. A team of core contributors do this focused work, and over time, we expect to progressively decentralize every component of the school as well as the surrounding infrastructure, giving tokenholders the power to govern DAO operations.

Long-term, we plan on creating a school not just for senior devs, but for all types of Web2 talent looking to break into Web3.