Introducing Macro (fka Shipyard)

Introducing Macro (fka Shipyard)

Shipyard is now known as Macro ๐ŸŽ‰ย โ€” Macro Web3 Engineering Fellowship, Macro Audits, Macro Talent and Macro Ventures, operated by MacroDAO, governed by $MACRO tokenholders.

Find us at: and 0xmacro.eth

Why not Shipyard?

  1. Thereโ€™s another Shipyard in Web3 (Shipyard Software), they started before us, and their trademark was recently accepted by the Trademark office. Whoops!

Why Macro?

  1. The Token and namespace seem to be open for use in Web3 / Crypto (as per Trademark counsel).
  2. The word Macro has a subtle nod to programming (Macros).
  3. We Audit projects with the big (Macro) picture in mind, and teach concepts in the Engineering Fellowship with the big picture in mind as well (security).
  4. The name itself is absent of preexisting notions and connotations, so we can make it what we want :)